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HCSpot WiFi Hotspot Software – Beta

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Dear HandyCafe Users,

We are proud to announce the first beta release of HCSpot WiFi Hotspot Software.

HCSpot WiFi Hotspot Software Beta is released

HCSpot WiFi Hotspot Software Beta

Download links:
Download now – HCSpot-beta.exe

Before you install please read the following link:

Here are some features:

HCSpot WiFi Hotspot Software

Thanks to HCSpot WiFi Hotspot Software’s useful and strong features, you will be able to manage your wifi customers at ease. You can easily limit bandwidth quota & bandwidth speed, filter any websites on the fly, create advanced connection rules and many more.

HCSpot WiFi Hotspot Software’s reporting feature helps you to create reports any time. You can easily generate and export reports to PDF, HTML, JPEG, TEXT, CSV files.

HCSpot WiFi Hotspot Software enables you to Log all the internet connections. You can log visited websites with their titles. Thanks to this unique feature of HCSpot Hotspot Software, you will be able to see and log websites with titles.

HCSpot WiFi Hotspot Software is compatible with any devices. Your customers can use your wifi using their iPads, iPhones, Android Devices, Laptops and etc.

HCSpot WiFi Hotspot Software controls all the traffic. You can even disable access to any specific ports of remote connections.


Website Filtering

Website Filtering is one of the most powerful feature of HCSpot WiFi Hotspot Software. You can ban websites, root domains, ips, hosts, urls, keywords. You can also create your trusted websites list. HCSpot WiFi Hotspot Software’s filtering engine can check any connections less than 0,02ms, even if you have millions of records.

Bandwidth Limiting

Bandwidth limitation feature helps you to set the maximum speeds for downloads & uploads. All values are in KB/s (Kilobytes per second). Bandwidth limitation is very useful when you have many simultaneous connected terminals.

Advanced Reporting

Thanks to advanced reporting feature of HCSpot Hotspot Software, you will be able to generate and export reports with one-click. You can generate Sales report, Website Visits report, SSL Connections report, Banned Connections report, All Connections report, User logins report, Internet usage report. And you can generate reports for specific dates.


You can customize appearance of HCSpot Hotspot Software. Theming feature enables you to choose any pre-defined theme easily.

Multi Language

HCSpot WiFi Hotspot Software is multi-language enabled. You can change and create your own language file and you can also share your language file with our other users.

Multi Language for Customers

HCSpot WiFi Hotspot Software automatically detects your customer’s language. You can create your own language for your customers.

Customizable Web Templates

HCSpot WiFi Hotspot Software does have a built-in webserver for user logins and etc. You can change current web templates and create your own templates. You can even change the languages.

We will keep you updated about HCSpot WiFi Hotspot Software. Please keep in mind that this is a Beta version. Please download and install only if you are an advanced user.

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